Motoko Aotearoa

Matauranga Hei Oranga Health through Education Foundation  


Nau mai, haere mai, welcome!


Our vision is for communities that are healthy physically

emotionally, mentally and spiritually, empowered by

individuals who are able to sustain and care for

themselves and others.



Our mission therefore is to provide a range of practical

free or low cost educational workshops and programmes

within the community that supports health and

wellbeing by teaching skills that last a lifetime and

permeates generations.



We believe that by sharing the knowledge of valuable life

skills such as self healing, sustenance gardening, nutrition

and cooking, visual and performing arts & etc, the health and

wellbeing of the individual is nourished and is then passed on to

their families and the wider community.



We also believe that children and young people are the

seeds of our future and if empowered early will grow into

balanced, healthy adults. We are about improving lives

and not about making profits.


Motoko Aotearoa is a not for profit organisation

Charities Commission number CC42536